Scientific image or video data can be packaged in various ways: normal image files such as .tif or .png, familiar video formats like .AVI and .MOV, folders full of numbered images, or “stacks” of TIFF images.

Each of these formats require a separate program or Python module to process. PIMS is a software package that can open a huge list of scientific data formats. Using PIMS, you can process the data no matter what format it is in, because PIMS lets you access the data using a unified API that is the same for all formats.

While that is great, sometimes you just need to quickly open up a video and play it. This is where Pimsviewer comes in handy. Pimsviewer is a graphical user interface (GUI) for PIMS. It allows you to open all files that are supported by PIMS in a graphical interface.

Screenshot of pimsviewer

Additionally, it can also export various scientific formats such as .nd2 files to regular image or movie files for use in presentations or reports.

On top of all that, it has a useful plugin architecture that can be used to for instance, annotate features in a video or for data preprocessing.

If you want to check it out, installation is as easy as a simple:

conda install -c conda-forge pimsviewer

Alternatively, it can also be installed using pip:

pip install pimsviewer 

See the Pimsviewer repository for more information.